Daniels Plumbing Success

Client Profile:

Daniel Lawless has twenty years of plumbing experience under his belt.  He’s been in Houston and ran his own company in the Bryan/College Station area for a few years before recently making a jump into the being the best plumber in Austin.  He had to establish himself quickly.


What he discovered in Austin stunned him — fast and cheap plumbers abound.  Crews run up and down the I-35 corridor, use cheap contract labor, and ditch town or close up shop only re-open again a few months later.  There are companies dedicated to excellent work, establishing relationship networks, and delivering the highest quality (though not the cheapest) to Austin-ites.  Excellent customer service and quality system repair is the cornerstone of everything Daniel’s Plumbing offers.  His branding, visuals, and website redesign (copy) had to convey that Daniel’s operation would be a ‘cut above’ what Austin homeowners encountered every day. His team is highly trained and very polished when they interact with clients.  There are no tricks and quality work is priority — not volume of work.  But — how does all that translate to a customer who finds a website?  That was why he approached Fidelis.

Proposed Solution:

Fidelis needed to distance Daniel from the saggy-pants, foul smelling work crews that often knock on doors.  We had to prioritize his friendly, honest persona and commitment to excellence in work, materials, and communication.  So – the website: photos, text, and design would work in concert to let the customer know they can depend on Daniel.

Concept / Process:

We emphasized “tough on plumbing, easy on homes” and “drain experts” to showcase his work quality.  The engaging photos make the viewer see a plumber from a new perspective — to really “see” and gain an appreciation for a guy who thinks hard about his business.  Daniel isn’t one to rely upon a number in the yellow pages.  He knows his reputation will flow around town — word of mouth is powerful.  He also spent extra time with our writer developing pages to really educate his client base about drain flow, water heating systems, hard water deposits and similar topics.  He is confident that the more you know about what he does, the more easily you’ll be able to trust that your house is in capable hands.  Lastly — we put our SEO/AdWords guru – Jason on the project to boost his visibility.  All signs are pointing toward a few measurable results we agreed we would want to see.

Response/ Result:


– Daniel Lawlis, Daniels Plumbing